Over the Spreetshoogte Pass onwards to Windhoek

(30 June)

Just after 9 am we headed of on our last road trip in Namibia. We had seen the sun rising over the Namib desert, with the mountains as shadows in the far distance.

We drove north on the washboard road. Just after Solitaire a flock of zebras galloped across the road, and disappeared across the plains. Later we turned east on a rollercoaster road towards the mountains. We drove through the Spreetshoogte pass. This pass connects the Namib desert with the Khomas highlands, by traversing the Great Escarpment. The serpentine road was really steep, and the hairpin curves really sharp. At least the road was made from bricks, and not only gravel. There were no barriers what so ever on the sides. From the top we had an amazing view, which we admired for a second, before starting our decent on the same kind of serpentine road.
We have seen more zebras, springbok, cattle, horses, baboons, goats, and sheep. We’ve only met a handful of cars. For quite some time we had to stay behind a cattle truck. We couldn’t pass since we couldn’t see anything through the dust from the truck. Eventually he pulled over to the right side, and let us pass on the left (the wrong side).
Closer to Windhoek, the capital, there were more trees that made the landscape more green, it was  more hilly, with a few mountains in the distance.
Kupferberg pass was merely a steep hill up, and a even steeper hill down, the road was pretty straight, just soft curves, then a long hill up, and a longer hill down. After the pass there was a road traffic checkpoint, we were just waved through, and I’m not sure what they were checking.
Just outside Windhoek we passes a couple of tourists pedaling away, seem like a crazy adventure on these roads.
It only took us a little over 3 hrs to reach Windhoek.