It was lunchtime by the time we arrived in Windhoek. We looked up a restaurant in our travel guide, to get a general idea of where to head. That restaurant was only open for dinner, but there was another one next door that was open. We enjoyed a nice lunch in a little garden, enclosed behind the restaurant.

Before leaving Windhoek, we did a drive around sightseeing.
Windhoek is home to roughly 330 000. The town is surrounded by mountains in all three sides. There aren’t really any tourist sights, but we drove around a bit to get a feel for it. Windhoek appears to be modern city.
Stopped at the Christuskirche, it wasn’t open. Right next to it is Zoo Park (a park, not a zoo since 1962), and the Independence Memorial Museum.
It’s not that cold in Windhoek as when we arrived two weeks ago, but it is extremely windy today.
After checking in to our accommodation, the same one near the airport as when we arrived, we unloaded our Toyota Hilux. It has served us well during these two weeks, and taken us a total of 4022 km through Botswana and Namibia.
Alex borrowed a broom to swept the extremely sandy trunk, Jan and Alex even asked a guy at the accommodation if he could rinse it with a hose. Then It was nice and clean, and we could fill it up and drop it off at the rental agency at the airport. That took it’s time. First there was no staff, then they checked the car, our cross-border fee documents. After that we could go inside to get our final documents checked.
We took an airport taxi back to our accommodation (15 min), and arranged with the driver to pick us up again bright and early.
In the evening we had dinner at the accommodation. Jan and I had game platter, between us we had Kudu fillet, Springbok saddle, Oryx fillet, Eland fillet, Hartebeest fillet, and Zebra fillet. Alex went safe with beef, but tried it all. NAD 580 for the three of us!