Our Stay near Solitaire

We stayed at a small lodge just 16 km south of Solitaire. From our little patio we had a fantastic view, yet again, over the desert plains, large rocks nearby, and mountains as shadows in the far distance.

Oryx came to drink at the waterhole just in front, they even ventured extremely close to the deck where we had dinner. There were also plenty of ground squirrels.

The lodge had a pet springbok called Amanda. It walked around the premises like she owned the place. She was cute!

After our excursion to the Dunes we went to Solitaire for lunch. Back at the lodge Alex climbed to the top of the big rock, Jan and I did laundry. Well needed after our adventures in the sand. The sun, warm weather, and wind dried the clothes in absolutely no time. When I hung the last things, the first clothes were already dry!

No need for a hairdryer either. Before Alex came back with the message that there was none to be had, my hair was dry.

Tea and cake was served and enjoyed in the afternoon. Dinner and a game of Farkel (Alex won big time!) was enjoyed at night.

The sunsets were amazing!