Ski Lesson and First Day in the Slopes

(27 February)

Jan and Alex hit the slopes after breakfast. We had rented all equipment yesterday.

I had a relaxing morning. Took a short walk in the sun.

After lunch I got ready for my first ever lesson in down hill skiing. My instructor was a young woman feom Uleåborg in Finland, Katarina. She understood Swedish but prefered English.

We started in the easiest kid slope. After two runs, we moved over to the second kid slope. Then Katarina decided we needed to move over to one of the blue slopes. Beginning about half way up. We were going to go all the way to the top, but I fell in the lift so we never did.

After the one and a half hour lesson I did manage to get down the lower part of the blue slope.

I met up with Jan and Alex after my lesson, but by then I needed a break. I relaxed for a bit in our room before meeting up with Jan and Alex.

Alex is really good!

In the evening we had a very nice dinner at Lapporten Restaurant. During the light hours there is a beautiful view of Torneträsk (Torne Lake), the mountains and Lapporten (the ’gap’ in the mountains). In the evening there are only a few lights to be seen.