Onwards to Björkliden

(26 February)

At breakfast I received a text message that our train this afternoon would be delayed, there was a link for up-dates. During the day the delay kept changing, from 10 minutes to 45 minutes and everything in between.

It was supposed to leave at 14.51. We should have pre-booked a taxi, but didn’t.

For lunch we walked to the sapmi museum. Once we had ordered we called to book the taxi. We were told that they could help us in 15 minutes or not at all. In the afternoon they had a large booking to take people to or from a snowmobile tour.

We cancelled lunch and quickly walked back the 15 minutes to Icehotel. The taxi pulled up just as we got there, and he had to wait while we picked up our luggage.

No lunch and no kiosk at the train station. It is located roughly 3 km outside of town and is just a barrack. All we had was some chocolate candy.

The train ride to Björkliden took roughly 1 hr 15 minutes. In the end it was only 15 minutes late to depart from Kiruna.

I spoke to some ladies from the US at the station, one of them a Rotarian. They were heading for Abisko. We’re at the stop a few minutes after Abisko.

We had called the hotel ahead of time (from the railway station in Kiruna). They picked up our luggage and we then walked about 10 minutes up hill.

Just after we checked in we finally got some food in the lobby bar!