Warthogs, Unseald Roads, and Dirt Roads

(21 June)

Happy Midsummer!

This morning we filled up in Gobabis, and also made a quick stop in Shop-Rite. It was a busy place this morning. A mix of people, some Herero women in their traditional dress. The dress stems from the Victorian styles worn by the wives of missionaries.

Today we had a 3,5 hour drive ahead of us. Most of it was on unsealed roads, or rather, one road. It was in fairly good conditions, though there was loose sand in some parts, and other parts were like an old fashioned wash board. Not much traffic. Lots, and lots of warthogs running across the road. There were fences, but they were elevated to enable the warthogs to get underneath. All the sand on the road make the landscape really dusty.

The last 15 km we drove on small dirt roads across farms. We had to stop to open and close gates between the fields.

When we arrived the gates to the farm were locked with a padlock. Some men were building a house on the land. He called the farmer, and we spoke to her. They were in Windhoek, and would be home in about an hour.

Two women of the staff let us in, gave us some juice and the wifi-password. Not very fast (the wifi, not the women).

We have seen at least 4 dogs, a horse, a house zebra, and a heard of sheep. It seem to be a fairly large working farm.

When the farmers were back we were shown our little house. It has a roof terrace. Alex is planning on sleeping up there tonight.

Asked for a cup of tea. Are now enjoying the quietness of the country side, and our roiboos tea, and some rusks.

There are two children here. A girl, 18 years old, and a 16 year old boy). In a bit Alex will go hunting with the son.