A Long Day’s Journey into the Night

(20 June)

We were ready to head off about 8 am. Stopped by Hillary’s to pick up our lunch sandwiches.

Ahead of us we had a 6 hour drive. Our estimate was that with stops and border crossing it would take at least 8 hours.

We’re heading back the same road we came. The almost completely straight road makes it tiring. In Botswana, though, there’s a lot of animals on the road sides. Cattle might suddenly cross the road. A herd os sheep came storming across the road from nowhere. On with the warning lights, and slam the brakes.

Again, there were two veterinary check points. At one of them we had to get out of the car and stand in a solution with our shoes, and also drive the car (tires) through the same solution. No search of the car, we only had our sandwiches, and i suppose that would have been ok. They did look into our trunk, but that was it.

There were a few ostriches. We stopped to take a photo, we were in the car, and a bit away from them. The Mom didn’t seem to happy still, protecting her babies.

We had a nice little stop at the Kuru Art Center and the San Museum. Got stuck in the loose sand, but managed to get out.

Ate our sandwiches at a road side rest stop.

Not much traffic, closer to the border there were quite a few trucks.

Border crossing was, again, smooth. Stamped out, stamped in. Then we had to pay a border crossing fee for the car at the Namibian Road Fund Administration.
Arrived at our over night stop in Gobabis, Namibia before dark. It took us a good 9 hours.