We had one full day in Livingstone. Safari in the morning and Victoria Falls in the afternoon. On the way back we asked the driver to drop us off in the center. We planned on having dinner in town. Since it was still a bit early we walked back to a shopping mall we had passed. This is not the typical American or Swedish kind of shopping mall, but a row of shops around a square. We just needed to buy some water. It’s always fun to go into grocery stores in other countries, and see what is similar and what is different. Here a lot was similar.

I noted quite a few people had 25kg bags of breakfast meal, corn. I guess they eat cornporrige for breakfast, and maybe use it for bread.

We passed a pretty little church where a boys’ marching band was practicing (no pics of the boys, I never liked the tourists taking pictures of the kids in Alex’s nursery or school, therfore, I won’t do the same).

Dinner was had at an Italian restaurant. An Italian owner, but a local twist on the dishes. Tasted good! After we went to the ice cream section to have our Italian gelato – that was the whole point going there, right? Soooo good!

The driver who droppes us off had given us his card. We asked the italian guy to call him for us so he could pick us up.

A perfect ending to a perfect day!