Eagle’s Nest

Since we are in the middle of nowhere, choices for dinner was limited. We did, however, have a choice between buffet in the restaurant in the main building, or in the Eagle’s Nest. In the Eagle’s Nest a braai would be served, an African BBQ.

To reach the restaurant we had to walk along a steep path, then climb the stairs to the top of the rock. Alex counted the steps on the way back: stairs 198, total number of steps 725 (give or take). The views made the climb worth while. We started our ‘climb’ at 17.30, dinner was served after the sun had set.

Food was superb, choices of Kudu steak, lamb, chicken, and springbok sausages. Potatoes, veggies, and garlic bread. Vanilla custard trifle and, cheese and crackers for dessert.

We descended in the dark, but there were short garden lights along the path.