Another Rollercoster-Road

(25 June)

Another rollercoaster road from Vingerklip to the main road towards Khorixas. Roughly 55 km. Deep inverted bumps where the rivers would flow during wet season. At this time they are completely dried out. There were warning signs, still a hidden double dip sent us flying. We landed on the road again with a big thump, the whole car shutting down. Luckily a switch off/restart of the engine was all it needed to go again. Needless to say, we were out in the middle of nowhere.

We did pass the occasional farm. It’s hard to imagine how they make a living. The land was all rocks. We saw a couple horses, and a fowl, a few cattle, and a herd or two of goats. I doubt anything could grow in this in-hospitable environment.
They eat many things made from corn flour, we have yet to see corn fields, though. It might just be the wrong time of year, but we haven’t really seen any fields at all where we have been.
Another fun thing on this road was a little dik-dik we saw. As we learned many years ago in Masai Mara, the dik-dik  are close relatives of the elephants, believe it or not.
I think we only met one car on this 45 minute drive.