A day by the Thamalakane River

Today (June 18) we have a relaxing day, just hanging about in Maun. We drove into town and had lunch at a cosy coffee shop, The Dusty Donkey. The sandwiches were great, anything but ‘dusty’. We also stopped into the town’s tiny Nahabe Museum. They were just hanging photos for a new exhibition, but they let us look around. Admission by donations.

We then went back to our guesthouse. Have been relaxing by the small swimming pool (no swimming for us since it was only 17 degrees in the water). We are also enjoying the tranquility of the river view from our balcony. There is an abundant birdlife around the river. Goats walk by, and cows wander down to the river to drink. This morning I saw a couple walk by with a wash basket. They had done laundry in the river. We settled for doing it in our scrubba ‘washing machine’. I made some great coffee in the afternoon.

A small boat ferries people across the river. In the morning to go to work, and int the afternoon to go home.

According to Patrick, our innkeeper, the water level is normally 10 m higher at this time of the year. Now they are hoping for rain in November. It must rain in Angola in December, at the latest, for the water to reach here in May.

There’s no beginning, there’ll be no end. The river doesn’t have a defined beginning (spring), and no clear end (delta).