Our Stay at Hotell Fjället

(26 February – 1 March)

The hotel is located right by the slopes. Just step outside and put on the skis.

Our view from the hotel couldn’t be better. From our room we have a view of the mountains, a frozen Torneträsk, and more mountains in the distance. When it isn’t cloudy or snowing the view of Lapporten is just gorgeous.

The view from the restaurant is best at breakfast and lunch when it’s light. I had lunch there the first day, a buffet with one course. It was ok. The other days we’ve had lunch in Snöbaren, a tiny fast food cabin by one of the lifts.

Twice we had dinner, fast food style, in the lobby bar Rallaren. The other two nights we had a nice dinner in the restaurant.

We played MIG on Alex’s phone. It’s kind of a pocket Trivial Pursuit. Fun!