Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi

(25-26 February)

Roughly 15 minutes from Kiruna airport we arrived in Jukkasjärvi and our destination for today – lcehotel. It is located 200 km north of the arctic circle.

This year the hotel was built for the 30th time! The ice is harvested in Torne River (Torneälv), in a spot just by the hotel. They are now beginning to prepare the ice to be used for next year’s hotel. On March they will begin to harvest the ice.

They also use sneece, snow that they create with water from the River in a snow machine.

The idea for the hotel is said to be born from lack of accommodation. There were no rooms to be had when a large group needed accommodation. Someone said, let’s ask them if they’ll stay in an igloo if we build one. Icehotel now want to give other people the opportunity to stay in freezing cold accommodation. For a heafty price no less!

When you stay at Icehotel the tour of the hotel is included. For those not staying there it is possible to purchase a ticket to enter.

It’s a bit colder in Jukkasjärvi, -14 C.