A Sunday in Kiruna

(1 March)

After one hour and twenty minutes we arrived in Kiruna. There were quite a few people in the train, many with ski equipment.

From the railway station there is a free shuttle bus to the bus station. Jan and Alex asked a taxi driver about restaurants that might be open on a Sunday. He said it was only about 150 m and there we would find a pizzeria.

We spent some time there and also took turns to walk around town a bit. Not much to see, nothing open on a Sunday.

On our way to the pizzeria we saw a café. We phoned to find out what time it would close, 16. Then when Jan and I took a walk we found another café, open until 17, even better! It was a large café with cosy arm chairs.

Temperature outside was -7, the sun tried to get through the clouds, but didn’t quite make it.

In the evening we took the airport bus to the airport – it was really cold to stand outside to wait for it – and then flew back to Stockholm.