Kick Sledding on Torneälv (Torne River)

(26 February)

Another beautiful sunny day. Just a liitle bit colder today, we could feel a slight bite in the cheeks.

After breakfast we decided to take the kick sleds out onto Torne River (Torneälv). It was fun! We passed the section of the River where they are preparing the ice for harvesting.

Jan and Alex went all the way across the river and back along a road. I only went halfway and back.


Good Morning

(26 February)

At 7 am we were woken up by a girl who brought warm lingonberry juice. Normal wake up time was between 7.30 and 8. We figured it would be good to get a head start to the showers and saunas (separate for men and women). Anna skipped the sauna.

The outside temperature during the night was -17 C, inside the hotel -5.

Walked up to the restaurant for a nice breakfast before packing up our small booth and dropping our bags in the luggage storage.


Good Night

(25 February)

When it was time to go to bed we changed in our lockable booth. Put on thin thermals, warm pants, a sweater, a wool hat and mittens. We had to wear our boots to walk to our room.

Picked up a sheet and a warm sleeping bag. To stay warm during the walk it was recommended to wrap the sleeping bag around you.

Once in our suite, Warm Up, we took off our boots and crawled into our sleeping bags. There are mattresses and a rain deer skin on top of the ice bed.

We turned off the lights, there was a light switch by the bed, and fell asleep fairly quick after a long day.


Ice Dinner

(25 February)

Jan and I opted for the Ice Menue. It was a 5 course set menue. All the dishes, except for the main course, was served on a small block of ice.

Alex tasted everything, but choose to only have the main course and a crème brûlée.

Ice menue

Bleak roe from Kalix served with blini & classic trimmings, served on ice.

Cold smoked arctic char, pickled kohlrabi & birch mayonnaise, served on ice.

Cured fillet of moose, blueberry & spruce shoot, served on ice.

Pan-fried topside of Reindeer, potato gratin, red wine sauce, romanesco & celeriac puree.

Chocolate & arctic brambles, served on ice.

An excellent menu. Every course was delicious. And Alex’s crème brûlée was superb. We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary a week early.


A Drink in the Ice Bar

(25 February)

Before dinner we desided to have a drink in the Ice Bar. No need for ice in the drink. The ice glasses will keep it cold. Alex’s coke just about froze in the glass. There are raindeer skin to sit on.

Vargtass (Wolf paw) is a popular local drink, vodka and lingonberry juice. The blue drink was even better.

The ice decorations in the bar was amusement park theme.



(25 February)

Esrange is located in the very north of Sweden, above the Arctic Circle and has access to a vast, unpopulated impact and recovery area.

Esrange was built in 1964 by ESRO, the European Space Research Organisation, which later became European Space Agency by merging with ELDO, the European Launcher Development Organisation. The first rocket launch from Esrange occurred on 19 November 1966.In 1972, ownership was transferred to the newly started Swedish Space Corporation.

The facility has been operational since 1966 and is presently used by the international scientific community for launching sounding rockets for microgravity and atmospheric research as well as high altitude balloons for astronomy, atmospheric research and drop tests of space and aerial vehicles.

Esrange also accommodates one of the world’s largest civilian satellite ground stations and acts as a hub in our satellite station network.


Art Suites at Icehotel

(25 February)

Every year artists apply to be selected to design and create the Art Suites at Icehotel. So far this year there are over 100 applicants, only 15 will be lucky! When it’s time do do the work they only have two weeks.

There is a main hall – the Cermonial Hall. This hall can be used for wedding ceremonies, people come from all over the world to be married at Icehotel.

All the Art Suites are different.

There are also cold rooms – all with the same design.

Lately there is also Icehotel 365. In this part of the hotel it is possible to stay all year.


Fun in the Snow

(25 February)

It has been a beuatiful sunny day with lots of snow on the ground.

Alex went down a small hill on a matress. There were also kick sleds to use.

The snow glistens in the sun and the boots make a nice squeeky sound.


Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi

(25-26 February)

Roughly 15 minutes from Kiruna airport we arrived in Jukkasjärvi and our destination for today – lcehotel. It is located 200 km north of the arctic circle.

This year the hotel was built for the 30th time! The ice is harvested in Torne River (Torneälv), in a spot just by the hotel. They are now beginning to prepare the ice to be used for next year’s hotel. On March they will begin to harvest the ice.

They also use sneece, snow that they create with water from the River in a snow machine.

The idea for the hotel is said to be born from lack of accommodation. There were no rooms to be had when a large group needed accommodation. Someone said, let’s ask them if they’ll stay in an igloo if we build one. Icehotel now want to give other people the opportunity to stay in freezing cold accommodation. For a heafty price no less!

When you stay at Icehotel the tour of the hotel is included. For those not staying there it is possible to purchase a ticket to enter.

It’s a bit colder in Jukkasjärvi, -14 C.