Out and About in CT

(2 July)

After a good night sleep, warm and cozy thanks to the provided hot water bottles, we started our day with a really nice breakfast.

Today the clouds weigh even heavier on Table Mountain, only the foot of it can be seen.

Bringing our rain jackets along, we then head off via Long Street towards Bo-Kaap, with its brightly colored houses. This is the muslim neighbourhood. Signal Hill towers in the background.

As read on the internet: On Signal Hill
signal flags were used to communicate weather warnings as well as anchoring instructions to visiting ships in order to ensure that they prepared adequately for stormy weather while in the bay. Similarly, ships could use flags to signal for assistance if, for example, an anchor line parted during a storm.
It is also known for the Noon Gun that is operated there by the South African Navy and South African Astronomical Observatory.

We feel quite safe walking around today. Here and there we see public safety officers, standing in strategic spots.

Our walk continues towards the Waterfront. From our guesthouse it’s about 50 min, a bit more since we make the detour via Bo-Kaap.

Near the Waterfront we pass a bridge ending into nothing. The last stretch to Victoria & Alfred Waterfront we take the scenic route, along a nice little canal. Signal Hill can still be seen in the background.

At the Waterfront we stroll around, see the Clock Tower, from 1882, from where the harbour master used to control the comings and goings in the docks. We also stroll around the different malls, everything from High Street brands to souvenirs can be found here.

Alex was craving for sushi, and at V & A Food Market, we finally find great sushi at a reasonable price, joining the locals for lunch.

Rain is hanging in the air, and the wind is picking up as we take a ride on the Cape Wheel. It swings quite a lot as the wind get stronger. From the top we can see Robben Island, were Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison, despite the misty air.

After an ice cream we take a taxi back since it’s starting to rain, walk to a ‘hole in the wall’ (literally) coffee shop and bring back coffee to enjoy in the lounge at our B&B.