Ouhave Farm

(21-22 June)

We had a lovely stay at Ouhave Farm. The farm is run by Hans and Bianca. They have two children, Laura (18) and Rohan (16). They go to boarding school i Otjiwarongo, about 130 km from the farm. They go to different schools, a girl’s school and a boy’s school I assume. Hans is from family that origins from Germany. They came to Namibia in the early 1900:s. His parents have the adjacent farm, a trophy hunting farm.

Ouhave is a very large working farm. They have about 650 cattle (African), sheep, wild game.

The house zebra was seriously injured by a leopard about two months ago on the grandparents farm. It was moved here to recover. It stood a 10% chance of surviving, and is now doing well. It was tame enough to even try to walk into the house (not allowed, though). It was really soft to pet.

Water for the showers were heated by burning wood from the veld. On top of the brick construction there was a water-tank from where there were pipes to the bathroom. This construction was called a donkey. Maybe we waited to late to take our showers, because the water was quite cold…

The sunset from our patio was so beautiful. It is very quiet and peaceful. We could hear birds, and a jackal in the distance. The sunrise in the morning was just as beautiful.

Before dinner we had a glass of wine with Hans and Bianca by the fire while waiting for the boys to come back from hunting. We had dinner together with the family. Oryx, baked butternut pumpkin, a garden salad, and flatbread (like tortilla). It was a delicious meal. Lemon cake for pudding.

Breakfast was also eaten together with the family. They had a corn porridge, this is eaten with warm milk and biltong, a form of  dried, cured meat. It was pretty good. There was also home made bread, home made cream cheese, eggs, dried oryx slices, cheese, jams, and much more.


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  1. Hej Anna! Tack för spännande bilder. Vilken upplevelse, att få äta tillsammans med familjen och få deltaga i deras egen måltid. Elegant upplagda exotiska rätter av allahanda slag. Landskapet utanför verkar ödsligt. Mjölkkrukorna ser ut, som de gör vid svenska lantbruk. Verkligen annorlunda med en Zebrafarm. Vilken variation av boende, ena natten i exotisk stuga, andra nätter i mycket varierat boende. Hela resan har varit mycket spännande, att få vara med och deltaga i. Att få höra om värdparets emigration från olika hemländer, för att bosätta sig i ett afrikanskt l land. kära hälsningar Kram Pappa