Game-viewing in Etosha

This game-drive was done by our selves in our own vehicle. Animals in Etosha were, mostly, easily spotted.

Springbok antelopes and wildebeest didn’t come two-by-to, but by the hundreds. After the drive we enjoyed having springbok for dinner… We were so tired of them we hardly took any pictures – they were everywhere. Zebras were also plentiful.

There were also Kudu-antelope, black spotted jackal, and several ostriches. A funny looking animal with a shell like body that we haven’t been able to figure out what it was.

At one of the waterholes there was a lion couple, possibly cubs hiding in the tall grass accorder to other sightings.

We only saw three elephants, one in the far distance, and two close by.

There were many, many giraffes with their long necks. They are funny looking, but one of my favorites.

Some birds we were not able to identify.

Black rhinos are very difficult to spot, the reason being they eat grass. White rhinos eat leaves on the trees. They are not really black and white. The colonists misinterpreted the Afrikaans weijt (wide), for white. Hence the name. The white rhino has a wider snout than the black.

We saw two cars parked in the road, looking into the higher grass. They said there were to black rhinos there. With binoculars we were able to spot them, looking like two large rocks, only moving slightly. After finding them with the binoculars, they were also easily spotted without. Pretty cool!

Towards the end of our drive we saw vultures (can’t specify) waiting. Watching some more we saw a couple of black spotted jackals. They had slain a pray, that we were not able to see, and the vultures  were waiting there turn.