Etosha to Vingerklip

(24 June)

This morning we only had a short trip to our next destination, less than two hours. The first part of the road, to Otujo, was a good quality sealed road. We then turned onto a rollercoaster, gravel road. We saw a mountain chain in the distance to the west, and south. Passed through deep riverbeds. During wet season it’s most likely not possible to drive here.

We passed some homes built from brick, or clay, others made from tarpaulin, or what looked like black garbage bags.

Warthogs, and a few herds of sheep and goats, were our animal sightings thus far. Before reaching Vingerklip (pronounced fingerklip) – Finger Rock, we also had to go through two closed gates. We’re lucky to have our own gate-boy.

Driving on the roads of loose sand or gravel is just like driving in snow.