Departing Zimbabwe

Our flight was scheduled to depart at 16.30. We received a message (quite a while ago) that it was delayed until 18.30. When we arrived at the airport a little after 15, the check-in was just opening. The information board still says 16.30. The guy at the counter told us the flight would leave at 19.30. A girl in a shop told us the past two weeks the flight to and from Windhoek has arrived and departed a bit randomly. Today, maybe 19.30, maybe 21.30. No one knows. Maybe tomorrow it will be back on schedule. Maybe…

It’s a modern, pretty small airport. Some souvenir shops, a restaurant, and a coffee shop. The coffee shop said they would be open until our flight left. The waitress was kind enough to find out information, since none was to be found.

We finally taxied out at 18.10 (!) and took of five minutes later.