Castle of Good Hope, Down Town CT & Lunch at the Waterfront

(3 July)

After a good night’s sleep, and a lovely breakfast we headed off for a quick look at Gardens shopping center. We then walked the length of Buitenkant, through District Six, to the Castle of Good Hope.

The castle was built between1666 and 1679 by the Dutch East India Company. The star shaped castle is the oldest exciting colonial building in South Africa. Yellow paint was originally chosen for the walls because it reduced the effects of the hot African sun.

Around the long table in the dining hall they could seat 100 guests (Alex counted 101 chairs today).

There was a volunteer explaining the firing of a  small canon, and also demonstrated a firing.

We then strolled through down town Cape Town towards the Waterfront. When we crossed the small pedestrian bridge to the Waterfront, the noon gun from Signal Hill was fired. We heard it and could see the smoke. Otherwise the clouds are heavy again today, even the top of Signal Hill was covered in clouds.

At the Waterfront we enjoyed a very tasty lunch in front of a small fireplace, with views overlooking the marina. There was also time for ice cream, and I got myself a take away coffee.

Today we also managed to dodge the rain. It started to drizzle as we hopped into the taxii. When it dropped us at our guesthouse, our airport shuttle arrived. Just popped in to grab out bags, and say goodbye.

At immigration they studied Alex’ birth certificate thoroughly. Now we’re waiting near our gate for or flight to be ready for boarding.

We have truly had an amazing African adventure! Thanks for coming along.