A Leisurely Day in Swakopmund

(27 June)

Swakopmund is a small costal town sandwiched between the Namib desert and the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the older buildings in town holds a German resemblance, showing it’s German history.

The first permanent European settlers were German who arrived in 1892. Because Walvis Bay had been annexed by the British, Swakopmund remained German South West Africa’s only harbour.

In the morning we visited the Kristall Galerie, a small museum right around the corner from us. Among other things it houses the largest quarts crystal that has ever been found. They also had a display of Pietersite crystal, discovered by Sid Pieters from Namibia. The fine examples were beautiful in a mix of gold, blue, rusty red, and brown shades.

During our time traveling through the desert we had a lot of game meat and beef. Since we’re now at the seaside we sought out a nice seafood restaurant for lunch. Then we were fit for fight for our quad bike tour (see separate post).

In the afternoon we had coffee and crepes in Two Beards Coffee, then went for a stroll down to the beach.

The town must be very busy in the summer, now in winter, not very. I kind of like summer towns out of season.

Tonight we’re making use of the washer and dryer, and will enjoy another home cooked meal. Then tomorrow morning we continue our drive south.